What's On Your Plate? - BOOBS Now do I have everyone’s attention? I went for my annual breast squashing test the other day. While I was standing in front of the machine, leaning back just enough to keep my head out the way, forward enough to get the little bumps on the plate, resting my … Continue reading

What Happens Next? -   The year started the way it usually does - me almost making it to 12 am while fireworks burst around me, dogs barking in fear and people wowing the sky. For me, it means that the closest supermarket will be full of people and short on stock. Lychees will still be … Continue reading

  Finally Available - For the last two years, I’ve been filling out my immigration forms, with the word “writer” in the little squares. ‘Don’t forget the “W” and remember, there is no “gh” in this one,’ I’d remind myself. Each time I put my mark on the page, I would notice a smug little … Continue reading

  Within Reach  -   By now most of you know me well enough to know that I have never given birth. When I entered motherhood, it came in the form of long meetings in Spanish. Hours of prep-work for evaluations and various home-studies done by strangers who liked to rummage around my cupboards. I have been … Continue reading

The Social Media Connection -    I don’t need an alarm clock to get up these days because I have nerves of anticipation that tingle me awake each morning. Unfortunately, that comes with an illogical fear that whispers, ‘All can become undone at the last minute.’ I have been able to ignore that nasty voice … Continue reading

The Waiting Game -  Let me ask you a question … When last did you wait for something? I don’t mean the, ‘hold on, I’m just sending a text,’ kind of wait. I mean when last did you really wait. The type of rapid heart-beat, wringing your fingers and pacing up and down type of … Continue reading

Why I Wrote My Book -  When I was a child we had a choice of three different types of porridge, but I have only ever liked one of them. I can remember my grandmother saying that I was just trying to be difficult. While I was lying on the floor screaming and shouting and … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye Again -  For the whole of this year, I’ve been trying to say goodbye to a friend but for me, goodbyes are hard to do. I like holding on to everything. I still have a piece of clothing that I must have worn as an infant. It has come across the world with … Continue reading

Know what you know -  In these days of fast technology and inspirational posts going viral, it is easy to get lost in the chatter of it all. We are pushed and pulled from one new revealing article to the next with knowledge and judgement seeping out of every screen we come across. But I … Continue reading

Coping With Change In A New Country -  This morning, I went to the shops to get some fresh milk. I walked down the aisle with the glass bottles, passed the kitchen utensils and went by the kiddie’s socks placed right next to the alcohol. When I first moved to Mauritius, I found it strange … Continue reading