Coming Out Soon -  I’ll come right out and say it, I’m out of my comfort zone these days. For months now, I have been. It started with a little light flirtation and turned into a full-blown affair of newness. I am getting my book published. I know a lot of you know this, but … Continue reading

Are You the Bird or the Worm? -  I was sitting under a tree the other day eating lunch when I felt a tickle on my foot. I looked down to see a skinny worm lowering itself down from a branch, tapping me. Carefully, I coaxed it onto my fingers and gently set it down … Continue reading

Remember When? -  ‘Do you remember when…?’ I spent most of my early years asking that question, and it usually referred to something that happened a few days, weeks or a month ago. ‘Can you believe,’ I would say incredulously to my sister, ‘some people can remember back ten years. I haven’t even been alive … Continue reading

The Sun Sets On 2017 -  The end of the year is coming up so fast, I can almost touch it. I have my traditional New Year’s resolution at the ready; I will not try to give up sugar for another year. So far, I have been very successful with that one and I don’t … Continue reading

Letting Go Of Secrets -  For the last time this year, I felt the wheels of my plane touch down on the sticky tarmac of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. I heard the click-clack of seat-belts releasing. Like the rest of the automatons on the plane, I stood up and waited for the doors to … Continue reading

Visiting Mexico -  Anyone who has been to the Federal District of Mexico City knows that there is a street which runs through the centre of the city. Paseo de Reforma is just under 15km long and you would be right in thinking of the Champs-Élysées while you wondered down the tree-lined, art infested avenue. … Continue reading

Looking Happy While Travelling -  So last month I was in isolation, but this month I’ve been travelling. In fact, I’m still travelling. The delightful point about travelling is that things are forever changing. Your routine dives headlong into a chaotic tangle of “must do”, “always do” and “doesn’t really matter.” Your opinions are often … Continue reading

Looking Happy This Month -  For days I sat trying to work out what my next newsletter would say. The problem was that I’ve been in my self-induced isolation, serenely looking at my mountain each day so there really wasn't anything new that had happened. At this time of year, Mauritius clears out because at … Continue reading

Xanti Travels Back Home -  June came and went in a flurry of wind and words and technology. Let me say this right now, technology has never been a good friend to me. Sitting there taunting me in delight with her 9-inch heels and red lipstick, whip in hand, she makes me feel….  Let’s just … Continue reading